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Jean Hill Suter, Owner Golden Touch Pet Salon:

Hi, Rick -

The "Pet Salon" sign you recently installed for Golden Touch Pet Salon looks terrific and bright!  It is very visible coming up the Los Alisos hill toward the shop!  Thanks for the quick professional job!

Regards, Jean Hill



Custom Signs Made.

The signs look great! Actually probably look better
without the little stars. Thanks Rick for everything. It was a
pleasure doing business with you and my salon would not have
looked this good without you. I'll definitely know who to call
for my next salon.
Thank You Again,

Ryan R Joyce

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Lighted Signs Riverside County,

Hi Rick, The check was mailed out should be there tomorrow. Thanks it looks great!!

Theresa A. Smith

Choice Plus Insurance.

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Concrete, Marble, Stone, Aluminum. We can design, fabricate, and install any type of monument, street, pole or pylon sign

Purchasing an electric sign will bring an unmatched return on investment to your business. It will attract the attention traffic who pass by, conveying your brand and displaying your products. If you are looking for a sign contractor, Anaheim Sign Company has been in the industry since 1982, and we are here to help you increase your business sales. Anaheim Signs started out as a sign painting business in the early 1900's working out of the shop on Broadway in downtown Anaheim. We became State licensed electric sign contractors in 1982. We have the experience not only to make quality signage at a reasonable cost , we can install them for you as well. Our products include: Channel Letters Orange County and surounding counties, monument signs installed Irvine area , 3d foam letters, sign faces, pole signs, and any other type of sign you may need. Please give us a call (Cell Phones just Click button below to call us) for your free sign estimate at 714-270-0322 or email


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Concrete, Marble, Stone, Aluminum. We can design, fabricate, and install any type of monument, street, pole or pylon sign


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    New alphabets are constantly being designed for typographic use in printed graphics, for use on branding and corporate identity. Some alphabet designers work in both printed graphics and architectural signing.  We have a great reputation for designing logotypes, alphabets, and other graphic items. There are at least 100 adequate typefaces available that, in my mind, meet the criteria for signage programs.


     Leading my list is Futura Light which has a warmth and appeal missing in Helvetica and yet retains an architectural quality. Architects also have a strong inclination towards sans serif faces rather than those with serifs. I myself have used Times Roman caps effectively for the signage I design and install. I believe all design solutions stem from the problem to be solved. Preconceived, narrow viewpoints hinder these solutions.


    With so many existing alphabets to choose from, it seems only reasonable to avoid designing a new one. However, if a generous budget is available and the client insists on something, quite distinctive, then it should be done—although not all designers are qualified to do alphabet design. It might be well to turn this work over to someone who excels in this area.


    Checklist: When selecting or modifying alphabets for signing, the following questions should be kept in mind:

    1. Does the alphabet have the appropriate character for the project?

    2. Which weight (regular, light, medium, bold) should be used?

    3. Will the alphabet be highly legible when viewed at the distance required? When illuminated at night?

    4. If three-dimensional letters are planned for, will both upper- and lowercase versions be easily read when viewed from an angle? Some condensed alphabets may be hard to read in this situation, especially if letter spacing is tight.

    5. Is the alphabet compatible with standard changeable letters, directory copy strips, or vinyl letters of other stock items need for the project?

     6. Is the alphabet suitable for all the fabrication techniques planned? For example, if backlighted individual letters are to be fabricated, are the thin strokes wide enough to accommodate neon signs? In addition, a Roman-style alphabet with sharp serifs cannot be deeply sand-blasted into granite without losing much of its elegance, but it can be hand-carved into metal or slate.

    7. Will fabrication of the alphabet be practical, considering letters may have excessively thin strokes for cutout wood or even metal when fabricated in small sizes. However, script letters can be silk-screened or sand-blasted in small sizes on various materials.

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