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Having your business in the best location with regard to buyer traffic is an obviously smart business strategy. However, that is not enough. You need business signs that the customers can look at when they pass by your business premises on a daily basis. Even when you rent the whole floor, you still need building signs to advertise your business location. In this article, we look at ways that your business can profit from professionally designed business signs.
Orange County Business Signs
Did you know that about 85% of your future customers would have passed by your business several times? Well, you need to take advantage of your location and advertise your business brand, services, or products using lighted building signs. These allow you to take advantage of your location anytime of the day and night.
Let your customers know what you have and what you stand for any time they pass by. A time will come when they make a decision to buy something that your business stocks or offers. If your business or products are already in their minds because of your outdoor signs, you can be sure they will come to your business first.

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Directional Signs
Research shows that if you install directional outdoor signs and indoor signs, you will increase incoming buyer traffic by 4% to 12%. If you install building signs, you can get an additional 5% to 10% buyer traffic. The reason behind that increase is that people love it when you hold their hand, and show them the way. It makes them view the business as friendly and professional.
Business Identity
According to a research cited by CETA/ISA 1995, when two or three businesses are in close proximity, buyers will tend to go to the business that has the best-lighted building signs, especially at night. Lighted building signs indicate that a business is doing well and therefore will offer better services or will have quality products. When augmented with proper indoor lighting, lighted signage can help to make your brand and business very popular.
Stay In Compliance
According to the ADA or American Disability Act, you need to make it safe for the disable to use your business premises, indoors and outdoors. Lighted building signs can help you in that regard and make your business compliant to the ADA Act. While your target may be to become compliant and avoid lawsuits, you will actually be telling your customers that you care about their well-being.
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