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If you are looking for the right types of signs for your business, you may want to look into lighted channel letters signs and lighted building letters. Typically, these signs are seen all over the place, even though some people may not know the official name of them or what they are really look at when they see them. So, for those who are interested in knowing more about these types of signs, here are 2 facts that you should know about these types of signs.
Fact #1 – Lighted Channel Letters –Referred to by Other Names
First of all, when you are doing your research, you may find out a number of different that you did not know before you begin your search. One of the most important is that these signs are normally referred to as halo lit letter signs and they are made by professionals who work for a custom sign company or an irvine sign company. Whatever the case, the buyer may also refer to them as back lit letter signs since they are illuminated with Neon.
Fact #2 – Different types available
Typically, business owners may decide to purchase these types of signs for their business when they have a need to display information to the customers that they service. Based on the marketing campaign and the tools that they have elected to use, the owner may choose the raceway mounted channel letter sign. These signs can be identified with the several different features. One of which involves showing an attached box that has the name of raceway. The shape of this box is long and rectangular so it is easy to identify. Within this box, it is also important to note this box serves as the housing for all of the essential wiring, and electrical components.

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