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3 Ideas for Your Small Business Signage

No matter how digitally advanced we get and how fast marketing evolves, we can be sure that outdoor signs will always stay with us. They are eye-catching; they stand out on the streets and are recognizable from very far away. This makes them an essential tool to market your local business.


With so many businesses wanting to stand out simultaneously, the signs can start getting similar. However, we offer some of the best business signs that will be customized according to your brand and values to make them stand out. So, here are some great ideas for you to try.


Flag Mounts


The flag mount design is a unique and aesthetically pleasing sign design that can elevate the exterior look of your store. The sign will be mounted on the wall above your store, and it will be just above the eye level of all the people passing by. These signs are perfect for places with high foot traffic, and you can add your logo or the brand’s name on them so it’s visible even when the walker is looking straight ahead.


Board Signs



Among many different restaurant marketing strategies, board signs are a great option. They are simple and not that expensive, and we can design them for you. They usually are kept at payments just outside your building, and people passing by can read what you write on them. You can use the board to write down your menu and rates so people can stop and read what you’re offering. This also enables other walkers to read as they are curious about what’s being offered.


3D Sign


These signs are exceptional and very versatile as they can be used indoors and outdoors. We can help you create 3D building letters of your business’ name, and you can either install them on top of your entrance or just at the reception. They are unique, and you can use your own imagination to increase their potential.


At Anaheim Signs, we make it a priority to try and make your ideas come true. This is why we offer custom business signs so you can share ideas about your brand with us, and we can help you make them come true.


The signs mentioned above are just a few of the many different types of signs we offer. You can get other types of illuminated signs with unique messages and logos. Furthermore, we even offer building signs, so contact us and let us know about your ideas.

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