A Monument Sign Welcoming Visitors To Alice Springs

3 Monument Sign Design Tips

Monument signs are a form of custom business signage used by several companies. Monument signs are also called monolith signs. They are typically large and weather-proof structures that sit close to the ground. Text engraved on the sign usually spells the name of the business. You might also have seen monument signs when entering a state or a county. Some towns use them to welcome visitors into their territory.

If you’re thinking of getting a monument sign for your business, here are some design tips from our sign contractors in Orange County, CA.

1. Color contrast

Keep in mind that people should be able to read your monument sign even from a distance. If the text is the same color as the background, the name of your business will not be legible.

Use contrasting colors for the text and background of your monument sign for better visibility.

2. Keep it simple

Keep your monument sign simple. The simpler it is, the better. By ‘simple,’ we mean that your sign should not be too loud, flashy, or flamboyant. The unique style of a monument design is enough of a statement in itself. You don’t need to use ten different colors for the sign or too much text. People never bother reading too much text anyway.

3. Use durable materials

Monument signs are known for being extraordinarily weather resistant. To ensure that your monument sign requires little upkeep and maintenance, make sure your sign contractor uses only the best and sturdiest materials to make the sign.

At Anaheim Signs, our sign contractors in Orange County are known for using the most durable materials to make monument signs.

Get a custom made monument sign for your business in Orange County

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