Lighted Channel Letters Installed Orange County

A Beginner’s Guide to Channel Letter Signs

If you own a business and have had experience looking into the best custom business signs for your company, you’ll probably have heard of channel letter signs. You can easily spot channel letter sign trends in a city since many stores have them. They’re easy to spot because they stand out and can be custom-made in various colors and fonts.

Here’s the ultimate guide to channel letter signs for beginners.

1. What are channel letter signs?

People report that they would feel more inclined to enter a store they’ve never visited before if it had an interesting sign. Needless to say, getting an eye-catching custom business sign is incredibly important if you are a small or large business owner in the US. Without it, you may unwittingly be losing customers.

Channel letter signs have been popular amongst business owners for many years now because they contribute to a business’s visibility and unique appeal. A channel letter sign consists of individual, three-dimensional letters that usually spell the business’s name. You can spot many such signs on a stroll through your neighborhood.

2. What makes channel letter signs so great for businesses?

Many business owners choose channel letter signs for their companies because these signs have a simple design and yet stand out to prospective clients. Without relying on a flamboyant design or too much text, they call attention to a store. They also help shops stand out from afar. For example, if you’re looking for a grocery store to get a cold drink from on a hot day, you’ll likely head to the first store you spot in whichever area you happen to be in. Channel letter signs loom over the store, making the shop easy to spot for prospective customers.

Lighted Channel Letters Installed Orange County

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