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Need a Business Signage? 3 Options to Explore

Custom business signage can help boost the visibility of your business. A well-made custom business sign lures prospective customers into your store and also makes your business more competitive against other companies in the area selling similar goods and services.

An effective marketing tool that can be made for an affordable fee, a high-quality custom business sign will last for years and bring more traffic to your store. Here are the best custom business signage options that you can choose from for your company.

1. Channel letter signs

Channel letter signs have become increasingly popular in recent years. Our sign contractors in Orange County use only the best and most durable materials to create unique channel letter signs for businesses.

There are many benefits of getting channel letter signs. They have a simple design yet stand out to prospective clients.

Without relying on a flamboyant design or too much text, they call attention to a store. They also help shops stand out from afar. This makes the shop easy to spot for prospective customers.

2. Monument signs

Monument signs are also called monolith signs. Unlike signs stuck to boards or atop the entrance to a store, monument signs are large, sturdy, and weather-resistant structures that sit on the ground.

Monument signs have text engraved on them, which usually spells the name of the business. Monument signs are also a common sight when you enter a different state or city.

3. Pylon signs

Pylon signs provide superb visibility for a business. They are freestanding signs made out of steel. They stand on a stable foundation made out of concrete. They are sometimes also called externally illuminated signs.

Pylon signs can be single or double-sided and can also be used to display the logos of multiple companies in the area.

 A Custom Business Sign

Find the best custom business signage in Orange County

Are you looking for custom business signage? Our sign company in Orange County, CA, has been making unique custom business signs for countless clients across the county for over three decades.

At Anaheim Signs, our sign contractors in Hawaiian Gardens, CA, are highly skilled at making exterior acrylic signs, lighted office signs in Villa Park, strip mall signs, gas station signage, and more.

Get in touch with us today for more information or to get a free signage quote for your business in Orange County.

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